This is a University-School Support Programme funded by Education Bureau. This is a three-year (2014-2017) project. This project aims to provide support to teachers and schools to implement self-directed learning (SDL) in the Science KLA in the upper primary (P.4-6) General Studies and lower secondary (S1-3) Integrated Science subject in Hong Kong schools. Throughout the project period, there will be 40 schools participating in this project.

The capacity building support for SDL encompasses three core areas:

  1. learning and assessment design and implementation for integrating SDL components in the science KLA;
  2. e-Learning support for students’ learning and teachers’ pedagogical design activities for scientific inquiry, and
  3. leadership for organizational change and development for pedagogical and assessment innovation.

The ultimate, overarching goal is to nurture and develop student’s self-directed learning ability and equip them to become confident and capable life-long learners in the 21st century so as to improve students’ self-efficacy and achieve smooth transition from primary to secondary school education in the science KLA.